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Signature Blend of Ehya - (S size)

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235 grams of Signature Blend of Ehya Coffee:

Variety: Typica, mundonovo, Aztec gold
Process: Raw Wash
Altitude: 1000- 1800
Harvest: December 2020
Producer: Coffee Swarm, Triumph Biosphere
Flavor Notes: Honey, Hazelnut, Pecan, Cocoa, Floral
Organic Certification: SAGARPA, USDA Organic, Dakks Organic, JAS.
Certification: Fairtrade FLO
Specialty coffee: SCA rating (Specialty coffee association) 84 points

Roasted or ground coffee of your choice
Recommended for adventurers, who seek to obtain ingenious preparations of the third wave of coffee and are venturing into the field of soft roasts.

Our ideal mix made up of 50% light roast and 50% medium roast, is a delight to the palate, it is a harmonious drink, in body, aroma and flavor. Once you choose it, you stay with it because of the complexity of the cup it offers.

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