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Light Roast - (L size)

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1000 grams of Light Roast Coffee:

Innovative, for those coffee connoisseurs who love extraction methods and complex espresso profiles.
Variety: Typica, mundonovo, Aztec gold
Process: Raw Wash
Altitude: 1000- 1800
Harvest: December 2019
Producer: Coffee Swarm, Triumph Biosphere
Flavor Notes: Honey, hazelnut, pecan, vanilla, cocoa and slightly citrus notes.
Organic Certification: SAGARPA, USDA Organic, Dakks Organic, JAS.
Certification: Fairtrade FLO
Specialty coffee: SCA rating (Specialty coffee association) 84 points.

Roasted coffee beans or ground of your choice.
Recommended for specialty baristas, ideal use in extraction methods.
Created in 2015, under the new trend in Mexico to drink coffee:
“The third wave of coffee” focused on quality and softer roasting profiles, which allow tasting the flavors of origin, and preparing more complex beverages using innovative methods.

Light roast is the favorite of our most expert consumers, a drink carefully roasted over low heat, with the aim of preserving acidity, denoting these sweet and juicy notes that offer you a complex drink that is pleasant to the palate.

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