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Black Roast - (M size)

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390 grams of Black Roast Coffee:

Variety: Typica, mundonovo, Aztec gold
Process: Raw Wash
Altitude: 1000- 1800
Harvest: December 2020
Producer: Coffee Swarm, Triumph Biosphere
Flavor Notes: Caramel, Vanilla, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Walnut
Organic Certification: SAGARPA, USDA Organic, Dakks Organic, JAS.
Certification: Fairtrade FLO
Specialty coffee: SCA rating (Specialty coffee association) 84 points

Roasted or ground coffee of your choice
Recommended in espresso preparations, French press, pot coffee and American filter.

An extra-strong coffee, for those who love "black" coffee, as grandparents liked it, our high roast is also known as French roast, carefully roasted over a fire and managing to extract its oils, while preserving some of the sweet notes, we have a bitter coffee, without acidity, with notes of almond trees and cocoa.

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