¿Cómo elegir la molienda adecuada?

How to choose the right grind?

Many of us coffee lovers love to obtain a perfect flavor, sometimes we think that by adding a little more or less coffee from our favorite brand we will achieve this effect, however, there are several factors that determine the intensity of our coffee, such as They are: roasting, grinding, mixing and the method of preparation.

To achieve a rich flavor without being a coffee expert, one of the most important factors is choosing the right grinding, this will allow you to experience a great and positive difference when enjoying your cup of coffee and you will be able to get the most out of it.

At ehya café, when placing your order, you can choose your mix and grind in a personalized way. Here is a brief description that will help you decide better. How to choose the right grind according to your coffee maker or extraction method?

Let's start by understanding what is the degree of grinding?

The degree of grinding has to do with the thickness of our ground coffee, determined by the grinding point that was chosen in our mill, which is determined by the type of coffee maker that is going to be used to prepare coffee. That is to say, it is not the same grind used in an American coffee pot as for a French press.

There are many variables that will affect the flavor of your coffee, such as brew time which is determined by the thickness of the coffee particles. For example, if we take a glass with sand and pour water into it, the time in which the water passes through it will be greater, if we fill it with small stones, that is what is called extraction time and it will greatly affect the preparation of your coffee.

Recommended grinds for each method:

Extra fine grinding, it is the finest degree of our mill and corresponds to the preparation of Turkish coffee. For which, I recommend high and Italian roasts, decaf

Fine grinding: For espresso or professional coffee machines, which brew coffee in seconds using infusion methods such as espresso, Italian mocha and aeropress. For this preparation we recommend ehya coffee: medium, house blend, Italian, decaffeinated

Medium grind: For infusion and drip methods, such as American coffee machines, in which the extraction time can last a few minutes. All our presentations can be used here.

Regular grinding: It is a coarser grade of medium grind, which is recommended for extraction methods such as chemex, v60, Japanese siphon, and percolator. The recommended coffee presentations are: light and medium.

Coarse grind: This grind is used for infusion methods, such as French press and pot coffee, the roasts we recommend for this grind are: Italian, high, decaf and medium. It is also the recommended grind for cold brew, for this preparation, we recommend light and Italian roasts.
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